Build String in Migrated Workflow

  • 6 February 2020
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I am currently migrating a SharePoint 2013 workflow to SPO. The workflow loops through a library and pulls some of the information from some documents into an email. In SP 2013, I had a query list that pulled the ID into a collection. From there, I had a For Each action that acted on the collection. There was a second Query list that pulled metadata and stored them in text variables. I then had a build string to put the variables together for each document, the email then compiles each build string.


After migrating, everything seems to be working fine except the build string. There are a lot of unicode characters, obviously the inline functions don't work anymore, the new line and other common functions are gone. What I need is the variables combined with some typed text on new lines. I can't seem to find how to do this. Would I set variables somewhere rather than using the query list? I'm just not sure.

7 replies

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Are you able to post an example image of what the Build String is currently doing?

Sure. Here is what the output is right now.



Here is what it looks like in the workflow:

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The output looks like you are using the "Office 365 Query List" action and saving a collection variable in the "Fields XML" section.

You now need to run this variable through a for each action to extract each section. You can put that output into individual variables and use them to complete the second screenshot.

Nintex for O365 does not have the capability of creating a Multi Lines of text Variable at this stage.

Hi Simon,

I apologize for the delay in response. I'm actually using just a regular "Query List" that filters the library based on some fields and stores the ID in a collection. I then use a "For Each" action on that collection and use another regular "Query List" to pull the metadata fields into the variables. Should I be using an Office 365 action to do that?

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I dont know that you should be using the O35 action but it wouldnt hurt to try.
Use what ever solution works.

I can't make the O365 action work either, though I may be doing something wrong there. I'm having a hard time visualizing what you said previously. Is the problem when I do the query list and use that to get the variables, or is it the build string where I use those variables? Or maybe something else?

So through a series of regular expressions and build strings I was able to get this to work. I did not end up using the O365 query list. I stuck with the regular.