Able to approval task anyone who has the link

  • 10 February 2020
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Anyone who has link to the task form able to approve/reject the approval. Forwarded the approval email to my colleague and he is able to approve eventhough the task is not assigned to him 

and Task Comments field in 'Assign a Task' is storing the comments with the assigned approver name instead who approved the item. 


Is this default behaviour in Office 365 or an issue? 

2 replies

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Before invoking "Assign a Task", use "Office 365 Update Item Permissions" to change the item security so that only the reviewers/approvers have "Read" access. You'll need to pre-create a "SharePoint Online: Update item permission (OAuth2)" connection using a global admin enabled account first.
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The above is the solution but to answer your questions, Yes this is the default behavior.