Retrieve Groups results in 403

  • 6 September 2022
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In a NWC Workflow, I am using the "Get members of a SharePoint group" action.

My selected Connection is a "SharePoint Online: List and libraries connection" and I am a site collection administrator and member of the owner group of the chosen site. The connection has been established with the same user.

If I click on "Retrieve groups", I get an 403




What could cause such an permission issue?



Best answer by RonLevy 6 September 2022, 17:39

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5 replies

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Sorry, I am answering my own question.

As per definition, we must use connection type "SharePoint Online: Site administration" to operate on groups.

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Hi @RonLevy 

I haven't tested this but if you had to change from sharepoint online lists and libraries authentication method to site administration then the Nintex documentation is incorrect for this action.

SharePoint Online - Get members of a SharePoint group (


The details on that page state lists and libraries authentication method is required.


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Hi @Gavin-Adams,


as the action "Get members of a SharePoint group" is not listed here this leads me to the assumption, that I would need site administration. I will test it today and come back.



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I already have a connect type of "Site Collection Admin" setup, however it's not letting me choose that connection type in the workflow action properties.


This workflow action seems buggy.




As @jeffoliver1000 mentioned, “List and libraries” connection type is the only option in this action, but this connection type does not allow the group to be queried. 

It works when using a global admin account in a “List and libraries” connection type but I don’t think this expected behaviour.