How to display a Signature inside a Task Assign Form using Nintex Mobile

  • 17 April 2023
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How do you get a signature to display in Nintex Mobile? Its most baffling that Nintex is unable to accomplish something this simple.


How to display a Signature inside a Task Assign Form using Nintex Mobile?


Signature is from O365 Form (Start Event - SPO New Item)

Workflow is NAC/NWC Task Assign Form


When Task Assign is opened using Desktop, Signature is displayed, URL is from

When using Nintex Mobile - Image is blank



Tried also using Google Drive


When using Nintex Mobile - 



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3 replies

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@SimonMuntz  could you help here?

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Hi @Garrett,

Nintex mobile does not use the account credentials configured in the app to access images.

This means that images need to be public facing, with no credentials required to access them for them to display on a form in the Nintex mobile app.

For example: You could use Imgur’s api to upload your image from Automation Cloud. The web request returns the link to the uploaded image which could be used in your task forms.


CC @MillaZ 

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Hi @SimonMuntz , thanks for replying.


Your solution of posting images to public website is fine for logos and photos.

However for posting sensitive images (such as signatures) to public website is not practical. 
I am certain you do not wish to make your signature image available to the general public.


My solution is to place a disclaimer message at the bottom to state that “The signature is not viewable when using Nintex Mobile”.