How do I get multi-line text fields to show up on a NWC task form?

  • 28 March 2023
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I’ve created a list and form in SharePoint along with a workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud. The task forms appear to work a little differently than they do in O365/SharePoint. Where I’m getting stuck is that I’ve got several multi-line text fields on the regular form that I need to populate into the task form, but for whatever reason when I add these fields to the form, they populate as single-line text fields. Therefore, when there is lots of text in them, only some of it shows. 

Screenshot of regular form with multi-line fields:


Screenshot of task form with same fields, but showing as single-line and cutting off the text:


Anyone know how to fix this? I’m not seeing any way to adjust the type of field on the task form itself in NWC. 

Thanks in advance!



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Do you happen to know if your task form is using “Text - Short” field types instead of “Text - Long” or “Label”?



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Hi @JAhmadvand 

I have also encountered this issue Is the Task Form “generated” by the NAC/NWC Upgrade process?

The Text-Long fields seems to be replaced with Text short fields.


What I would do is to replace those fields with new Text Long controls and set the default value to [Start Event] → [Diagnosis]. Suggest to reuse the same Name for the control especially if those fields are used in any Form Rules. 


Remove the highlighted field (They are Text Short types)

Add Text-Long fields. Set the default value to the [Start Event] → [Diagnosis]


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Thank you @Garrett that worked perfectly!