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  • 5 January 2017
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I recently put together a slide deck to present to the team I am part of to offer understanding of the different ways to manage workflow tasks when offering support to users in the business.  The main driver for this is that we always get calls from users "never receiving" the email notifications sent from Nintex.  My thoughts on whether they are "not received" or more simply "deleted" shall be kept quiet here...  users eh!  Anyway, prompted by a question recently posted on the community I thought it might be a good idea to put the information in one place on here too.

Nintex Workflow Web Part - My Workflow Tasks

This web part can be added to a page in any site and can be scoped to look at tasks assigned to the logged on user as the site, site collection or farm* level.  This will include tasks assigned to SharePoint groups the user is a member of (only when individual tasks are assigned in the task config in the workflow action).

Nintex Workflow Web  Parts – Workflows I’ve Started

This web part can be added to a page in any site and can be scoped to look at workflows started by the logged on user in the current site, site collection or farm*.

Nintex Workflow Task Delegation

Task delegation can be set to site owner only (i.e. checkbox not selected on action to allow delegation), or delegation can be set to assignee and site owner (i.e. checkbox selected on action to allow delegation).

This is particularly useful for support staff to know when a call is raised that a process is held up by the wrong approver being selected, or the approver being unable to respond in a timely manner.  The fact that even when delegation is not selected on the configuration in the workflow the site owner can still do it is a little nugget of information that not all workflow designers know about.  I wrote a whole blog post on delegation so I won't go into it too heavily here - All things Delegation‌.

Also for support team awareness I mentioned the availability of long term delegation for approvers to turn on themselves before periods of absence where someone can be delegated to respond to tasks for a set period.  Of course if this period of absence if unforeseen, there is also the ability for support staff to set long term delegation for specified users.  This is also covered in the above blog post.

Task Aggregation in My Sites

As standard there is a link on my sites called "Tasks" which displays all tasks assigned to the user across all site collections.  This has to be direct assignment (i.e. not to a group you are a member of).  This is another way users can find all of their tasks in one place (similar to the nintex workflow web parts).

* Requires Nintex Workflow Enterprise version.

Further Reading / References

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3 replies

Nice concise summary. I'd just add that the Work Management Service needs to be configured to allow the MySites aggregation to work.

This is all well and good but is there a way to limit the tasks to a particular workflow?

I'm trying to build a dashboard page for a particularly large workflow. I want to be able to point our users to this page and they can complete any outstanding tasks for this particular form.

Is this not just the My Tasks view of the task list? Or if you want it to be more granular than that and only see a persons tasks for a particular workflow instance you could create a dynamic url in a column (either with a calculated column or workflow) that directs them to the My Tasks view in a workflow tasks list appended with query string to the related item ID, or something along these lines. Don't know enough about your scenario to go into detail, but that would be the premise I would work around.