Deploy Package - Inconsistent SmartObject Error

  • 16 February 2021
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Deploy Package - Inconsistent SmartObject Error

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This occurs when using the Package and Deployment application to deploy a package taken from a source environment and deploying it to a target environment.


This results in "Inconsistent SmartObject" errors during deployment, even after the K2 installation was successful.


This issue could be caused if a Smart Box SmartObject was accidentally changed to an Advanced SmartObject and then edited. Ensure that you rebind your rules where necessary based on the newly added SmartObject properties, then make a package of the project and deploy it to the target environment. 


This issue can be fixed by completing the following steps:


  1. Deploy the Production package (working package) onto the source environment. This will revert your SmartObject back to its default state where no additional properties are added and the SmartObject will be a Smart Box SmartObject instead of an Advanced SmartObject.

  2. You will then have to confirm that the properties for the SmartObject are the same in these four locations:

  • From SQL

  • From the Smart Box Service instance via the tester tool

  • From K2 Designer

  • From the SmartObject Explorer section in the tester tool


Now that you have confirmed that they are all the same you can add in your additional properties and they should automatically be reflected in all the locations specified above in step 2.

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