Viewflow shows the process instance as 'Active' but process instance does not exist

  • 24 February 2022
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Viewflow shows the process instance as 'Active', although the process instance does not exist


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The Viewflow report shows the process instance status as 'Active', although the process instance does not exist.





If access to the K2 database is possible, one can also query the [Server].[ProcInst] table for this process instance.  If the corresponding row does not exist in this table, then the process instance was likely somehow deleted.


In this case, it was determined that there had been a recent effort to clean up process versions.


Any process instances still running on the process version being deleted will also be deleted.


However, if the 'Delete all historical (log) data for selected versions' option is not checked; this will leave behind inconsistent process instance statuses (Active, Running, Error) for non-existent process instances.

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Identify which process version this process instance was running on.



2.  Which process version remains?  Which version was deleted?


If the version does not exist, this indicates that the process instances were likely also deleted and only orphaned reporting data remain.


A behavioral change request was logged so that the reporting status for these process instances will be set to 'Deleted' if they are deleted by the deletion of a process version (without checking  the 'Delete all historical (log) data for selected version' option). 


Similar to deleting a single process instance, but without checking the 'Delete Reporting Data(Logs)' option:




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