Massive performance issues with list control populated from SQL

  • 5 December 2017
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Hi folks,


maybe someone has an idea for me:

I call a subform with three views.

On two of these views I have list controls (auto-complete). 5 list controls in total.

These need to be populated depending on a parameter of the subform.


So in the initalize rule I populate the list controls with the parameter as input value.

The results are correct, the list controls populate as expected.


The issue is, that this takes ages.

I'm talking up to more than a minute load time for a form with just those 5 list controls and a button on the third view.


The data for the list controls is coming from SQL tables (one per list control).

The SQL-Server itself does not show performance issues.

The tables are not big, the biggest one maybe 10000 items, no more.


What I've tried:

  1. Executing the rules in a batch - no difference
  2. Executing the rules asynchronously - the loading icon is not shown this long but the fields are not populated any faster. When trying to select a list control, it freezes until the population is finished.
  3. Isolation the population of the list controls and executing them in a different rule - no difference.
  4. Using Live Search - I can't seem to define the input value that way. So the speed is much better, but the result is wrong.

Tihs is really problematic!


System: K2 4.7 August 2017 Cumulative Update


Thanks in advance and take care,

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