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Hello guys! 

I was wondering if there's a way to create or modify the value from the "System Values" Labels that k2 brings for default in the web designer.

I'm asking because I want to modify the value of the "Current Time" label, wich by default is "16:55:03.123" and i want it to be something like "*personal details removed*"

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance 

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Hi, I don't think it's possible to modify the names in the designer. Can you share some additional context about your use case?




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Thanks for the fast reply...


Currently, I'm working on a form where the user can upload an image to sharepoint and I'm using the rename method to change the name of the image.


I want to use the "Current time" to rename the files along with the name of the user. The problem is that, when I want to use the "Get time" it returns a "No valid format" error. 

What can I do to get the time with no problem in the name of the document?


You can do this by using a datalabel in your rule instead of directly using the 'Current Time' value. Add a datalabel to your form, uncheck 'visible' to make it hidden, change the data type to 'DateTime', then click on the ellipses after Style. Change it to Date and Time, and then you can pick whatever time format you want. If those formats don't work for you, you can instead pick Custom and format it however you need. Then in your original rule, first transfer Current Time to the datalabel, then use the datalabel where you originally used Current Time.