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  • 27 August 2018
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The 'click to open worklist item' only works on the initial email, which is sent when a new item is added. In the next steps of the workflow, when I click on the link, it opens a blank list item. Anyone have an idea on how to fix?

6 replies

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Hi Susanh2


From what you are saying it sounds like the link to open the Worklist Task is not complete.


The Link URL usually contains the task serial number as a parameter. This is how the Form "knows" what data to display for this specific task.

The URL usually looks like HTTPS://[Runtime URL]/Form/[FormName]/?SN=XX_YY&[any other parameters]


The SN=XX_YY is the task serial number and is unique for every Task & Recipient combination.


You can compare a working and a not working URL to see if anything is missed.




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You mentioned the open worklist item link doesn’t work in later steps of the workflow? Are there any other client events (task steps) beside the first one? Could you provide a few screenshots of the notification setup? Did you use the worklist item from context browser or are you building your own worklist item with inline function?

As ThinusC mentioned, can you compare the worklist item link to a working one?

Hi Susanh2


To retrieve this action the SN and Reporting SmartObjects can be used,  the SN contains "ProcesInstanceID_ActivityInstanceDestinationID". You can add a link in the Form/View with the worklist control to this pop-up.

Please see the link below:


Kind Regards


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Thank you, T, I will try that tomorrow.
Thanks for replying.
I'm using the link from the context browser. I don't have access to screen shots right now. I'll try T's suggestion.
Oh, and thank you for replying!