Build a string of Display Names from AD Picker

  • 28 November 2017
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Hi K2 community, I think this is something obvious that I'm just not seeing and could use some help.

I have a picker on my SmartForm for selecting users from AD and I am storing in the database their user names. I just want to build a string of picked people's display names. That's all.  Can any one provide some input how to accomplish this?


I just want to pass it to my K2 workflow to use in emails.  Users don't want to see "DOMAIN/MPOPPINS;DOMAIN/JBANKS;DOMAIN/MBANKS;" they want to see "Mary Poppins, Michael Smith, Jane Smith".  I do not want to build the string in K2 workflow unless it's really not possible to do in SmartForms.

4 replies

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When configuring a data source for a control, usually the 'Display' value is what the end-user would see; where-as the 'Identifier' is the actual value that K2 would interact with.  Do you currently also have the DisplayName configured as the Identifier?

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No, I'm using user name because that's what I want to save to the database.



You could simply pass these into another SmartObject call which takes Usernames and outputs the correct Mary Poppins. Passing this into UM user SmartObject and returning the Display name would resolve the issue. 


We can't simply build a String out of the DOMAINMPOPPINS because we don't know if the M stands for Matt, Mary or Maximillion. Passing this value into a SmartObject that returns the users Display Name will give us those values. 

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Sure, how?


I thought of that too but I had a hard time building it in SmartForms.  I understand using a For Each rule but I had a hard time building the string to append each person's name in the SmartObject return properties.