Signature Tags for Salesforce, DocuSign, & Drawloop

  • 22 January 2022
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Hello.  I am new to using Drawloop & Docusign within Salesforce.  I am used to using Apttus CLM with AdobeSign within Salesforce.  I am finding signature and signed date tags a bit clunky.  Maybe it is just because I am new to these dynamics.  I am having difficulty finding any literature or discussions about this topic in a Google search.  I can find tons of easily accessible information on Apttus & AdobeSign, but not DocuSign or Drawloop.  


The dl tags have very limited formatting options, or so I have read in an old article.  For example, it seems like one can choose to have time stamps on all signed dates or none of the signed dates.


So my initial questions are: 

1.  Are there DocuSign tags that can be used in Word and PDF documents similar to those that can be used in any PDF or Word doc and recognized by AdobeSign where I can control the format, color, font size, length of field by the formatting used to type or insert the tag into my document? 

2.  Is there a DocuSign date signed tag that I can use in my Draw Loop generated packages within Salesforce for which I can format each tag occurrence individually such as some having a time stamp on some and no time stamp on others? 

3.  Is there something I can use where I do not have to turn the tag text to white, which does not always work so that sometimes I have a signature with the dl text visible underneath the signature?

4.  Is there a document anywhere explaining how to use the dynamics of forms, tags, DocuSign, Draw Loop, Word, and PDFs anywhere?  


Thank you.

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