How to relate pdf file send to docgen queue (Document request)

  • 2 January 2021
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We have a use case to send a document to an account that has no contacts. 


Document is being sent to docgen queue, but we cannot attach an account id to the flow. 

The flow includes creating a completed task to indicate the document was sent to the queue. 

How can we relate the document request pdf file to the account? (and attach a link to the document in the task)

3 replies

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@jcar Rather than sending to the document queue, I would use insert-updates( to create the task and associate the file to that task. 

Hi, I was able to use this method to create the task, but not to attach the pdf file to the task. 

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@jcar Did you do the two insert-updates? You need one to create the item, which runs at the beginning and the second one to to attach created file. It should look like the below configuration wise.


Second Insert-update: