Nintex Customer Central: Create a case

  • 16 March 2022
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How to Create a case on Nintex Customer Central.


  1. Navigate and login to Nintex Customer Central.
  2. Select Create Case on the main dashboard or select Cases on the left side navigation menu.
  3. Select Create Case to display a new case form.
  4. Fill out the case form.
  5. Enter a Subject for the case. The subject field will predict any solutions relating to the case. You can click on the link to view the Knowledge Base articles or Help Documentation.
  6. Select a Platform from the dropdown menu.
  7. Select a Product from the dropdown menu. The dropdown menu will only populate if you select a platform.
  8. Select a Severity level from the dropdown menu, to flag the type of the case.
  9. Enter case details in the Description field. Remember to provide enough information. This will give the support engineer, assigned to the case, context to provide a solution or the required information.
  10. Keep other individuals informed by entering their email address in the Cc field.
  11. Attach files using the Add Files link or the Drop Files Here functionality.
  12. Click Submit to process the case.

Additional Information

  • Ensure all required fields are filled before submitting the case form.
  • Contact for any Nintex Customer Central related questions.

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