Worklist Task Management For Line Users

  • 16 February 2021
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Worklist task management for line users


K2 smartforms 4.7
K2 smartforms 4.7
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The aim is to provide users with the same functionality as with the "K2 Workspace - Display Worklist of Managed Users" advanced setting, but without having the users go in via K2 Workspace. It is not recommended to expose this area to the business completely.


The main goal is that line managers are able to view the worklist tasks of their line reports or members under their supervision (as per Active Directory manager labeling) and release or redirect their tasks as required.  This can be done via Workspace so the functionality is possible without having to provide the users with administrator permissions.


An error appears when a manager attempts to open a direct reports' worklist task: "User does not have permissions to open this task."


At this stage this is not possible from a SmartForms perspective due to the required SmartObject not being exposed on this level, therefore attempting to build this scenario out of the box will result in an outcome where administrator permissions will be required in order to allow the manager to have this capability. The result is that the manager will receive an error stating that they do not have enough permission to open the line users tasks, therefore disallowing them to redirect and release their line users' worklist tasks.


A workaround is achievable without having to create a specific Smartform, by using the out of the box workspace components to redirect and release user tasks. A feature has also been created for this which will be reviewed for a future release of the K2 product.


Should you like this feature to become reality, please feel free to log a support ticket to add this to the feature, and vote for it on the webpage.

[K2 Feature Called]: OOTB Management Worklist Control (as per Workspace Management Worklist)

Please keep in mind that the created idea record has to be approved by the reviewers before it will be visible on the Ideas page, if you are not able to see it right away please give it some time for the reviewer to approve it.



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