Can not open "non-picture" attachments in K2 Mobile app after recent update.

  • 16 February 2021
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Can not open 'non-picture' attachments in K2 Mobile app after recent update


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After updating to latest iOS K2 Mobile app, PDF attachments are no longer viewable when opening K2 forms from Forms section inside the app. This is affecting both iPhone/iPad devices.


In K2 Five, we added a new header for security reasons (X-Content-Type-Options=NoSniff). This caused the "web-view/Browser" to not be able to display the file in K2 mobile app, because the content type that gets returned in the response is wrong.


It is a known issue that will be addressed on the SmartForms end (not the mobile app). The workaround is to comment out this line in the Smartforms Runtime/Designer web.config

1. Backup the web.config for Smartforms Designer/Runtime web.config. "C:Program FilesK2K2 smartforms RuntimeWeb.config"

2. Edit the web.config file and comment out this line <add name="X-Content-Type-Options" value="NoSniff"/>

3. Restart K2 service and test it again.

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