"You don't have sufficient permissions to access Management"

  • 11 January 2022
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Hi all,


I'm new to K2. I'm an IT admin that has taken over in a small company. We have K2 Five installed but our old IT admin has left and we don't have documentation. I'm trying to get K2  working and maintained, but I can't log into the management portal I get this error: "You don't have sufficient permissions to access Management"

My account is a Domain admin account, and I have checked in AD, and added my account to a couple of groups that I found with suitable names such as "K2 Administrators"


For an undocumented install, does anyone have any tips how I can tell where/how to setup myself as a new K2 administrator?

1 reply

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Documentations can be found on https://help.nintex.com.


In order to access K2 Management, you need to have the 'Admin' server rights. That is configured in K2 Management > Workflow Server > Server Rights. You can assign the rights to a user or a AD group. Unfortunately, that means you need to know someone who have access to K2 Management to give you that rights.


If you assign a group the rights, then you can add yourself into the AD group. But note that it may take a while before K2 syncs that AD group and recognize your membership in that group.


Another alternative is to give yourself the rights from the K2 database. If you need to resort to that, please log a support case with Nintex Support to get a support engineer to assist you.