Webservice Slow when run through a smo

  • 9 November 2021
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Hi, I am experiencing an issue with the web services we created. When I run the web service through the browser (swagger) the web service response is instant, less than 1 sec. When I create an SMO with an instance of the same web services rest and run the same method it takes about 18 seconds. Any idea what might be causing the performance issue. The Solutions is based on a number of these webservices so at the moment the performance is slow across all the solution. Apart the Staging environment seems to be working well compared to the production though the production has more data. Anyone has experienced these issues? Thanks  


2 replies

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Hi JPG079,


Maybe you can use the fiddler trick to determine the slowness. You mentioned it's working in Staging with less data, I'm curious if you can bulk insert a bunch of test data in Staging to reproduce the issue. 


Are the 2 environments running similar CU/FP? You can get this information from [HostServer].[UpdateHistory] table.

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Yes they are on the same FIX PACK 5.4 FP39