Using Google Analytics on K2 site/forms?

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Hi all,


Anyone know if you can use Google Analytics with K2?

This old article vaguely mentions it:


1) If editing the forms.aspx to cover all forms, what does the actually code format look like you add before the </body> tag?


2) If doing it on a form by form basis, what is the structure of the Data Label and what would the Google script look like?


I have a keen eye for stats and K2 usage, so looking at ways to achieve this with minimum fuss?

There is another way i could do this using K2. but i would prefer integrating with Google Analytics and let it do all the work


Any help/advise appreciated

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I believe Google Analytics has a REST API and if so, K2 should be able to integrate with it via the REST Service Broker. 

Hi  @Sharpharp1 


I found the following blog article that may help.


Enabling Google Analytics in a K2 SmartForm




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We weren't allowed to use Google Analytics for this due to data protection, so i created a localised solution instead using K2 to log visits and then using SRSS to report on it.