Transfer data from AutoComplete is to a list view

  • 13 January 2022
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Is it possible to transfer data from an AutoComplete to a list view that is opening as a subview then filter based on the information that has been transferred in? 


In this case, you would search for a user in the form Lets say the  User Principle name in an AutoComplete find the User Principle name then click search and that would bring up a list and just filter on a selected column lets say user and just bring up matching data - I,e  User Principle name would be transferred into the quick search? 





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2 replies

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Yes, this is possible - which part are you getting hung up at? At a high level, when you click the "Search" button and bring up the sub form, you would pass the value from your auto complete in as a parameter for the sub form.
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You will be able to pass that in as a parameter and then use that to filter the results being displayed as already suggested, I am pretty sure that you will not be able to pass that value to the quick search of that containing list view, which is the original ask.


There is no way to interact via rules with the list view search controls (as of 5.4)