Stored Procedure

  • 12 May 2022
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how do I consume a stored procedure from sql to K2?

5 replies

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First you'll need to register your database as a Service Instance in K2 Management - you can do so by drilling into the "Integration" node and selecting "Service Instances" on the left-hand navigation menu within K2 Management. Once that is done, you can design a new smart object that hooks into this new database service instance. If you can get this far I can give you more details

Have a look at the K2 Five help documentation on the subject of SQL Service Type.


Make sure you read the section on Stored Procedures since not all stored procedure types are supported.

Thanks for the reply, this is already done. I am open to more details
thanks for the recommendation
I'm not sure what more details you need. Once you have created the SQL Service Instance you can generate smartobjects for your tables, views and stored procedures. Once generated, you can use them like any other smartobject.