Sharepoint Integration failed after new Sharepointmigration

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our Sharepoint admins replaced the Develop and Test Sharepoint with a new installation. So we have to reinstall the K2 App for Sharepoint as well.

By running the K2 registration wizard from the App catalog we get this error:

Unable to retrieve realm for SharePoint site
The described solutions in
do not work.

The SP-URL ist the same but I think we have now some problems with the exisiting SP-configuration on K2 site, because the old server was connected to K2. Could this be the issue?




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Please try checking the K2 Settings hidden list on the App Catalog site. You can hit this list by going to the following URL.

[SHAREPOINT SITE URL]/lists/k2 settings


Make sure this is confgiured to point to the correct K2 Server. 

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we were able to solve the problem with the help of K2 support
The solution in our cas was the following:


After replacement/rebuild of SharePoint farm and re-deploying K2 for SharePoint app registration wizard fails on SharePoint Service Broker step with the following error:

Unable to retrieve realm for SharePoint site:

APP_ID in error message refers to the APP_ID relevant for old/decommissioned SharePoint farm and does not match one you will see in address bar.


References to the old app ID have are not removed from K2 database.


References to the old app ID have to be removed from K2 database. To resolve this you need to delete them from [Integration].[ProcessSharePointGeneralSetting] table as explained below:

  1. Backup your K2 database
  2. Execute the following SQL query against K2 database: 
    DELETE FROM [Integration].[ProcessSharePointGeneralSetting] WHERE SiteURL = -- Type in url from error message in single quotes below''
  3. Restart K2 service and run K2 for SharePoint app registration wizard against