Setup Out off Office using smartobject method in the k2 five workflow

  • 7 February 2023
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I am trying to create Out off Office form using the smartobject in the workflow and then the task will be redirect to selected user for specific period of time.

When I execute the smartobject in tester, I am facing the following issues,

    1,  How can I add the user to Out off Office list to set up out office using smartobject. I couldn't find any   smartobject or method in System > Management > Users > SmartObjects category for adding user to the OOF list.

    2,  If I added the user into OOF list directly in the management by manually.  Then I execute the SmartObject 'Out of Office' and method  'Set Out Of Office Status For User' with my user FQN it works and change user status. 
        It happens only if there is any destination users added against my record in the OOF list in the management. My second question is, how can I add the destination users to a user for the OOF using the smartobject method.

Just an fyi, the functionility which I mentioned above are already setup using visual studio and was working fine until we migrated to K2 five. I have acvhieved this functionality using the c# code before k2 five. But now its not working in K2 five. There is no documentation for this after k2 moved to nintex.  

If anyone knows, please let me know. 


1 reply

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It looks like to set OOF using SmartObjects and the available System service instances may be a bit complex, you can debug/try by perhaps enabling SmartObject Logging (, performing the set OOF via K2 Management site of K2 Workspace, then review the sequence of method executions in brokerpackagein and servicepackagein to see how it is accomplished.


Alternatively, if C# was working before, perhaps this is what you were looking for?