Save attachment out of email

  • 19 March 2020
  • 3 replies

I would like to read an email, and save the csv attachment from the email.

i would like to import the data from the csv into SQL

or if this can't be done, simply save the attachment to a file server

3 replies

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Are you talking about workflow steps that contain a Send Email step? If so, take a look at this how-to article on using the system Workflow Attachment SmartObject to save attachments. How To: Add and View Workflow Attachments


In summary, this article explains how to use a system SmartObject to store attachments from a workflow step that you can then reference in other systems.


nah its not for an email step.


basically i am using the exchange mailbox service to monitor an inbox for email

i then get the email, and load its contents into SQL, subject, body, to, from, attachments yes/no

then i load the attachment information, and store that into SQL.

but i would like to be able to read the data out of the csv and write it directly into SQL

Hi  @braddo , 


You will have to use a Custom Broker to Read that information from DB as a file and then import data inside the file (csv) into a DB. 


You have Custom broker like this one: