safely deleting a workflow instance and its related tasks

  • 13 November 2018
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We had to do some tests in one of our severs and now we have a couple of started workflow instances that we want to get rid of.

In the K2 Management, we can go to workflows > workflow > instaces and there is a delete button


- what happens internally when this option is used?

- does it delete or archive?

- does it delete linked tasks and potentially other linked artefacts?


in short, I want to know if this option is safe to use on a production environment.





k2 five + sharepoint 2013




additional info found here


Delete Delete the process instance. To delete an instance, click on the instance from the view and click the Delete button. Click OK on the confirmation message. The instance will be removed from the view and no further steps can be completed on this workflow instance as the users task item will also be removed. This instance is removed from the database as well which means no reporting can be done on the deleted instance.

Deleted instances cannot be recovered.



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1 reply

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the information I've found, plus confirmation from k2 support ensured me that deleting the workflow instance from the k2 management will also delete the associated tasks, and that it is a safe procedure to perform