Rule errors on the forms and views- are they stored in a table or do they generate

  • 25 October 2019
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Rule errors on the forms and views- are they stored in a table or do they generate dynamically when teh form or view opened?

if they are dynamically generated,is there any utility that I can run to make sure no rules are broken after a deployment?


any help is appreciated.

1 reply

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Hi nagrotteGA

To Quote the K2 4.7 release documentation:
K2 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) provides proactive, real-time impact analysis on changes made to SmartForms and views during the design stage. ALM provides visual indicators to inform you that you are missing required data fields, controls, control properties and rules. Notifications provide the option to keep or remove dependencies as you see fit. ALM also analyses dependencies on check-in, and allows for correction or cloning to avoid errors in deployment.

So to answer your first question: ALM is dynamically done when editing a Form/View. There is no list of issues stored in the database.

As for an Utility that can analyse Forms/Views: Yes and no... K2 Support does have an application that can, among other things, analyse Forms and Views, but this is an internal test application not intended for public release. It is used for investigative purposes only.

At this time a Support Ticket will be needed to run a full analysis on your environment.

Should you feel this is something that would benefit the K2 Community, you can discuss an "Analyse only" Version of the application with your K2 Account Manager to raise with K2 Product Management.