Populating a field based on the value of another field on a view

I am from a College and we are new to K2 - I have a view set up where I select a course number from a drop-list that is based on a smartobject (SQL).  Once a course is selected I would like to display the grade mode that is associated with the course that is selected.  This grade mode is also in the same Smartobject (SQL).  


My view is based on a Smartbox Smartobject that I created with K2.  


I have not been sucessful in displaying the Grade Mode once I select the course from the drop-down.  I do not want the field to be a picker field, as it is strictly for display.  There is nothing the user needs to select.


Is this possible and if yes, how?  Thank you for any guidance you can offer.




Best answer by Sunrise 22 May 2020, 06:17

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