Picker controls is disabled in K2 Five smartform

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I created a smartform with picker control.


While rendering in the smartform page picekr control was disabled. 


Note : i checked in the design , control is enabled and also not in read only mode .


Whether do i need to give any data source in the picker control.






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Unfortunately I can't see your screen shots.  I have never tried to use a picker control without a data source, but I think it makes sense it would be disabled.  The whole reason for a picker control's existence is to let the user search a data source and return the selected value.  You can choose so search columns that have meaning to the user, yet return a different value like a code or foreign key that has meaning to the application.  Without a data source, the picker control wouldn't have much functionality.



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Thank you David L for the quick response. I attached the images.


Could you share links how to set datasource for picker control.

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Hi Rameshbabu


Here is a video that shows configuring the picker control with a datasource.


Hopefully this helps.


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Thanks Tim Knechtel for quick response.

I didnt find video link in the comments. Could you please share it again.

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Here is the link:


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You can find complete documentation onall the controls in the product help pages.  Here is the picker control topic which covers using a data source: