K2 Five Installation broken after VS 2015 reinstall

  • 11 October 2021
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My VS 2015 was behaving oddly so I reinstalled it but first I uninstalled the 2015 K2 aspect on my machine. This led to the K2 setup uninstalling K2 Five entirely. I was fine with this because I knew I could reinstall (and because our new laptop setup means we are no longer tied to an AD, meaning K2 can no longer be run for local Dev debugging - useful!)


However, it seems like it's embedded something in the registry and now VS 2015 is complaining on every startup that it can't find the K2 DLL.


I tried re-running the K2 Five setup but it defaults to only reinstalling the VS 2015 part and then fails without any error midway through.


So I need to know what registry settings to blitz to remove K2 completely so that VS 2015 is okay and I can reinstall K2 Five later if I need the VS aspect.

4 replies

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Hi Xuber_TGB,


Perhaps the following documentation might help, see Manual Environment Clean Up section.



  1. The K2 menu item is left in the Start menu after the uninstall. Delete this menu item by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Explore / Open All Users. Then browse to Programs folder and delete the K2 folder.

  2. The SourceCode assemblies remain in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). Delete all SourceCode assemblies from the C:WindowsAssembly folder.

  3. The SourceCode registry key remains after uninstall. Delete the registry key located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > SourceCode.

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I believe that if you want the VS 2015 integration, you need to start with a K2 4.7 install and then upgrade to K2 Five.

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Hi, I'm unsure if I did this. I am fairly sure this was a new Windows 10 clean installation and I went straight to K2 Five but maybe you are correct.
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This doesn't work unfortunately. I'm not sure if Windows 10 makes a difference. Obviously the GAC is very different in Windows 10 and is just like a normal file structure unlike Win 7. I can only find empty folders inside it for SourceCode options.

Similarly there is nothing in the Registry matching what's said. What I *do* have in the registry are the entries associated with K2 on VS 2015:
"c:program files (x86)microsoft visual studio 14.0common7IDEExtensionsK2SourceCode.VisualStudio.dll"

These are like this
Obviously I'm a bit unsure about just deleting these.