FBA - A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL

  • 5 January 2020
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I'm getting below error while trying to login for FBA site.


Error text:


- I'm passing correct username and password.



- Primary SF site (non-DMZ) for windows auth.

- Secondary SmartForm site (in DMZ) for FBA only - another IIS site.


How did I setup the site:

- Had setup the site referring K2 documentation


Am I missing sql conn string in any config file?





Best answer by npatel 5 January 2020, 13:24

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2 replies

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Solved the issue.


'A single comma/slash can give developer a hard time.'


There was an additional slash '' in host server config file for DB. Corrected it & now it's working.


I and my collegue have spent days for chasing this error. & in the end it's just a slash. :-/


My db server name is like "VT-XYZ-ABCK2DBServer". I had copy pasted like "VT-XYZ-ABCK2DBServer".

I had checked several times, but since C# lang. syntax in mind, this was always overlooked.


Anyway, was able to identify the error & now FBA site is working.



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Original text:


My db server name is like "VT-XYZ-ABCK2DBServer". I had copy pasted like "VT-XYZ-ABC\K2DBServer".


K2 Community site upgrade removed slash. I guess the same issue which I faced. ;)