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  • 14 January 2021
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Hi guys, my old k2 server crashed and i have to recreate all from 0 again. I created the package of the apps that was deployed on the server. But when I try to deploy in the new server I found a lot of issues.


I deleted all issues and dependencies, but when I tried to deploy again, this new error appear:


But i cant find anything inside related to issues, look the windows after i click on “OK”


Any idea what i can do to fix that?


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6 replies

Hi @Agustinc1913,

In your first image, would you please click on the error hyperlink and post the screenshot here.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Agustinc1913,


Sorry that you are experiencing this, the error seems to be related to specific forms and views. Perhaps make sure that those views and forms are checked in and double check for errors in your rules for those items. You can always try and re-create those views and forms as well. If you still can’t seem to find any problems when double checking, please log a support ticket so our support team can assist.


Kind Regards


@Prineel I have this issue just because my main server goes down and I was enabled to create these packages before it. So, just trying to add the missing resources from the edit panel package.

@KevinZ these are the errors, I could delete a lot of them from remove section in the edit package because I don't use it, but for the missing smart objects that I am actually using, could I recreate them from smart objects, and after that, add the item to the package?


Hi @Agustinc1913 

Are those smart objects linked to a DB?



@KevinZ  yes, this process uses two DB. K2 internal DB (all data was corrupted) and another one that survives. So, in this way, is it not possible to try to recovery anything?

Hi @Agustinc1913,
Is your new server up to date with previous updates.
And also please ensure, that the smartobjects that used the DB, that the resources for those smartobjects are present. (If those smartobjects were linked to a DB, please make sure that the new database aligns with the smartobject.)