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  • 3 August 2022
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I'm attempting to modify a CheckBox field's label in a list view

Is there a way i can change the checkbox outcome text from True or False to Yes or No on a ListView through the use of an expression or someway similar ?



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Yes, you would need to add another column to display the expression that is based on this checkbox value
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Hey @SmithRow ,


What I tend to do is to create a separate SmartObject that has one property called Lookup which is of type boolean as the ID and then a Value property that is type text.


I then populate the SmO with Lookup= true  Value= Yes, Lookup=false Value=No.


I then create an Association to the Lookup SmartObject on the List View SmartObject column you want to display differently, and map the value of the resulting List Display to the Lookup property of the Lookup SmO, and the Display value is then your Value column.


I hope this makes sense? Let me know, otherwise I can send you some screenshots.




thank you , this also worked
Thank you , i understood it well and it works perfectly.