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  • 28 October 2017
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Recently i was tested new K2 5 Workflow Designer and noticed that there is no Advanced Destinations(Plant Per Destination, Plant Per Slot). There is also no way to install K2 Studio or K2 for Visual Studio(Except case when K2 4.7 with installed K2 fot Visual Studio was updated to K2 5). Does anybody know the reason of removing such strong functionality?

3 replies

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No explanations here.  Personally I suspect the Citizen Developers faction staged a coup at K2 and are ruling the roost  🙂.


This link helps in at least highlighting some of the K2 5 differences in designers


Right now my thinking is that for every new installation of K2 5 (client and server) we'll need to install first K2 4.7 and then K2 5 to ensure we have the full functionality we're used.  At least until the new designer functionality reaches K2 Studio parity (don't think it can ever reach VS parity) or else effective workarounds are figured out.




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I agree, the K2 Five designer does feel 'light' compared to K2 Studio.  I was also disappointed that Smartforms, apart from a new skin, hasnt really improved in K2 Five.  Im hoping there will be a roadmap at some point where we can see where they intend to take the designers along with the headline features over the next 18 months.





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The first release of the new workflow designer makes use of the Plan Per Destination > All at once destination rule functionality for the Task Steps. You can still specify the number of slots that get created on the Task Results tab under the Options section. That is also where you can decide how Role/Group resolution is handled.


Regarding the “Plan per slot” option, we are taking the approach of introducing this “For Each” functionality with in the configuration of the Steps where it makes sense. For example, in a post RTM release, we will update the Sub Workflow step to be able to start multiple sub workflow instances since we know that this is a very common workflow pattern. The configuration will be in the Sub Workflow step rather than requiring a user to know that they need to configure a destination rule option for a step that does not actually involve any users. Another example is the Send Mail step. We can also add configuration to the Send Mail step to instead of sending one email to send an email for each item in a SharePoint list. You can achieve this today with the loop step but it might make sense to allow this to be configured from within the Send Mail step in the future.


If there are specific scenarios that you are looking to achieve that cannot be addressed by the RTM functionality or the near-term roadmap items (like Sub Workflow For Each) please log these items to the feedback system so that we can review and prioritize these requests. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and is a key factor in determining the ongoing roadmap priorities.