AAD Email control - switching email control in the workflow to receive data from Alternate Email



In our environment we use Azure Active Directory, but in our case, every AAD User has empty "Email" attribute as it is tied to Exchange Online license (which currently is out of reach).


Due to this, control "Originator/Manager Email" from Context Browser in workflow designing stage returns no data and we are unable to use it. Moreover, "Task" step is unable to send email notification (email recipient is not customizable in this step). We can use "Alternate email" attribute from AAD to send emails via "Send Email" step, but "Task" step just doesn't use it by default.


Two questions from my side:

1. Is there any way I can force K2 Workflow Email control to return data not from "AAD Email" attribute, but from "AAD Alternate email attribute"?

2. Is it even possible to customize email notification in "Task" step? Changing recipient to email address is not the solution, because then email notification is being sent, but the task is not being assigned to the user in Workspace. We need both results at once.

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Hi  @PrzemekGGS;


Better Diagnotic approach:-

-Are you able to see your workflow notifications?

-Is the azure getlist method returning all necessary information?

-Is the Identity table showing all necessary information assigned that's usually picked up by the azure?

-Do you have enough memory for your k2 host server, this seems to be performance issue, kindly verify that as it can cause many issues with k2.


----If you configured your Integration with AAD manually please see below especially for identity cache to increase performance.

The azure Identity Synchronization and Caching service run after every 8 hour refreshing the memory.
For performance issue future reference-please see this (https://mikerodionov.com/tag/troubleshooting/page/2/).
-Here is new identity installer opt-in for 5.3(http://portal.k2.com/products/k2five5-3identityserviceoptin), also note the installer works only for newly installed k2 5.3, it does not not work for upgrade form k2 5.2.


Kind Regards;


Hi Widson,


Yes, we are able to see workflow notifications, everything works fine if we use typical K2 user accounts - issue exists only when using Azure Active Directory accounts.

Getlist method returns everything except "Email" property (as it is empty by default).

Our environment has enough memory for K2 Host Server.


All we need is the knowledge to force K2 to detect email address not from Email property, but from Other Mails property. Is this possible?