Unable to upload images in Rich Text control of NWC forms



I am unable to include images as part of Rich text in NWC form. Is this a limitation?





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Hi Davendra,

You need to use image control


You can need use a combination of text and image fields to create something that has images and text 

To format it for desired look you can use labels/spaces etc.


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Hi Devendra,
At this time, the Text - Long control with Rich text format selected does not support images. Currently, it supports bold, italic, hyperlinks, text alignment, bulleted lists, indents, and horizontal lines.

To allow your users to upload images, you can use the File upload control.

To display an image on your form, you can use the Image control as @ghaiashish suggested.
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Hi, I have a NWC workflow that starts from a form. When I created it in October of 2021, I added a jpg banner that displayed correctly. Now, it won't load and I can't figure out why. It's stored on my SharePoint site and is available to domain group 'Everyone'. NWC Start Event is set for 'anyone with the url'. However, it no longer will display the image. I tried several different images, from several different SP sites, and none of them work. I even went so far as to create a label and add the link using HTML, again, no luck.


Something must have changed in the past year, but I can't figure out what. For now, I deleted the banner and just have a text form, but I'd really like to be able to add images again. Any ideas?