Unable to Create Condition for Data Lookup Control with MS SQL Server On-Prem Data Source

  • 13 December 2021
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I am using Nintex Workflow Cloud.  I have two MS SQL Server on-premises data sources; each connected to separate tables in the same database.  The two tables have a common key (ID).


I want to use data lookup 1 to find the desired ID in Tbl1 and use that ID as a filter on data lookup 2 to limit the results returned to just those items in Tbl2 that have the ID selected in data lookup 1. 


I configured two Data Lookup controls on my Form.  The first is connected to Table 1 on ID.  That ID value is stored in a Text control on the form using a Rule.


The second lookup is connected to Table 2.  I want to look up only the items whose ID is the same as the ID from lookup 1.






However, when I attempt to Add a Condition to Data Lookup 2, I am unable to select either a Form Control or Form Variable as a Value for the condition.  They are Greyed Out.




I also tried a Form Variable, but it is Greyed out too.



I have verified data types, and the ID field is a Text value in both Tables and in my Form controls and my Form variables.


Anybody else have this issue with a Data Lookup control connected to a MS SQL Server On-Prem data source?


Is there a fix or work around for this issue?


Please advise.


Thank you.


2 replies

From Nintex Support

Unfortunately at this time you are not able to filter the results of a 'Data lookup' object using live data on your form, for the time being the only filtering you can do for a 'Data lookup' object is within the initial 'Data lookup' configuration. The ability to reference and manipulate these 'data source variables' is on the roadmap but I don't have an ETA for when this feature will be ready.

I encourage you to submit this as a feature request on our User Voice site at https://link.edgepilot.com/s/f36893a0/nmUk2Yu_oUual3SX-LnGmw?u=https://nintex.uservoice.com/. Our product teams regularly review this feedback and it is used to build roadmaps for future releases.
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where is initial 'Data lookup' configuration ?