Support for SQL on-premise in form data source variables

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Following on from the April 14th NWC update that includes support for Azure SQL in data source and in forms with data source variables.


Currently SQL on-premises is supported for data sources for use with the Data lookup control.

When will support for SQL on-premises be also added in for data source variables?




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Hi @Gavin-Adams 


The issue comes with on-premises SQLs availability for query, I know that you can surface on-premise SQL data using the Nintex Gateway but I believe this is only to the workflow not to forms. 


I think it should be possible to do this today but you would need to create a table sync between the on-premise SQL to an Azure SQL table, then have NWC query the Azure SQL table instead.


Kind regards


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Hi @Jake ,


The SQL on-premises workflow actions only need the data connection to SQL on-prem not a data source. As an example, I can specifiy the name of the stored procedure directly in the 'execute a stored procedure' workflow action configuration.


The only reason to create a data source is for use with a nintex form data lookup control or external data variable.

I have data lookup controls working on a form against a SQL on-premise table or view through nintex gateway. 

I have a support ticket open at the moment as when I configure a data lookup control data source with a SQL on-premise stored procedure data source it does not allow me to set values for the parameters for the stored procedure. (very frustrating).


Overall my main point was that what they are doing with Azure SQL support in terms of actions and data source models is not that different to SQL on-premise through the nintex gateway. It would be great to see the azure SQL features that are supported added to SQL on-premise.