Prevent Duplicate Input Data

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Here is the simulation case

1) We have a SharePoint Online List. Let's say "Membership"
2) And we provide 3 columns : Name, Email, Phone
3) Create Submission Form using Nintex Workflow Cloud with 3 fields (Name, Email, Phone)
4) For example, we entry the name with "Kenny", email with "", Phone with "+628123456789"

And the data will be stored in SharePoint Online List "Membership"


The question is..

Is it possible to prevent another same input data?

If there's any user that input "", the system will give a validation message.


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You need to

1) use query list action to store all values of the field (e.g Name) in a collection variable

2) use 'for each' get value of each item in collection

3) use condition to match with start form variable (name)

4) If there is a result match at any value, terminate the workflow 

5) Else let workflow to continue to the create item


It will be easy if you use one column as a key and validate against it, if you need to validate for all columns you need to repeat above process for each column.

I hope this helps

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Thank you Ashish for your response.

If we do it in Workflows, of course possible.

But our client wants the validation get worked inside the Form.