Prefill form from lookup -SharePoint list or SQL?

  • 31 October 2022
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I am looking for a little direction here as I keep seeing posts from this that is was supposed to be released last year but dont see instructions on how it is done.

Would like to auto populate form field from a SharePoint list lookup or SQL.. if there is a better way, i am open to that.

Thank you.

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A common way I use SQL data is to preload additional information.

For example at a school, I have an external data variable configured for a SQL stored procedure taking email as a value for a parameter. (This uses Nintex Gateway for SQL on-premise).


I then create a form variable the to is set to use the external data / rows / first record / field.

I can then use this variable on the form.

If I do not want to use the data on the form but want it available for use in the workflow, I add a group control on the form. set that group to be not visible, add a label control inside the group.

Add all the form variables to the label that I want to use later in the workflow.

This way the variables will be populated with data as start event variables in the workflow designer.


Another method is to use a rule to set the value of a control (eg text short) to the value from the external data (first record), You might have that rule based on a condition that a control is filled (eg a data lookup control that feeds a parameter into the external data variable config)