NWC Start Form attachment directly into SharePoint Online

  • 25 May 2022
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When using the File Upload control on a NWC Start Event Form is it possible to save that file directly into a SharePoint Online document library?  If so can you also save the other fields on the form as associated metadata in SharePoint Online?


I have only been able to find older suggestions where the file is saved into Box or OneDrive first and I would like to determine if that is still necessary.


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3 replies


You can use the store a file action to save it directly into SharePoint online. The only extra step needed is to grab the files from the collection by using "Get item from collection" and creating a file variable. If you anticipate more than one attachment, you may want to loop through the collection. You'll need to use the "Update items" action to then update the metadata in your document library. 


Help Documentation for reference:


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Thanks for the help, I have it working now.  I used the "ID" from SharePoint and "Item ID" from the store a file action to get the correct item to update.  Is that the best way to do this?  It seems odd that when I use the ID there isn't a condition for "equals".  I ended up doing >= and <= to make sure it is equal.




You would use the "equals an integer" option here as the Item ID is an integer. Hope this helps!