Nintex workflow not working as expected

  • 30 March 2023
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Nintex workflows configured in a document library so whenever the document is uploaded there is an automated nintex workflow will be running in the backend and update the Hyperlink field with the source id and it will be navigating to page. so some times the link is not updating as expected and getting page not found overcome this we have another workflow call DCR Link fixer. Its a manual activity. whenever user running this work flow, some times its updating the version history and DCr Link and some times its not. i verified for test documents, i can able to see the log but the version history is not updating for the specific documents in the sharepoint document library.


Could you please help us to understand the issue.



1 reply

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Just as a guess, this might be due to the workflow running on the item before SharePoint has finished with it. Try putting a pause for 30 secs at the start of the workflow to see if that helps. If not let us know and we can dive in deeper.