Nintex Forms 2013 - Conditional text

  • 12 August 2022
  • 2 replies

I am using NINTEX FORMS, no previous experience, and I want to set the value of a tag's text based on the value of a key I send through the query string.

What I am trying to accomplish is something like this:

If(fn-GetQueryString(TipoSolicitud) = "X", "Text1", "Text2")

But this doesn't work at all. Anyone knows if this is possible? and How to do it?


2 replies

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Hi, Not sure if you posted in the right board but if you could post your form and a quick screenshot of which tag you want to make conditional I can take a look.
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Without testing it looks like your formula is wrong.


It should be:

If(fn-GetQueryString(TipoSolicitud) == "X", "Text1", "Text2")


If(equals(fn-GetQueryString(TipoSolicitud),"X"), "Text1", "Text2")