Latest release: May 2023 - Release 1

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Reuse Repeating section Form control: If you add a Repeating section control to a form, you can now also reuse it as a start event variable by dragging and dropping it onto a task form.


This is a great added feature but still lacking on functionality. You can only display the repeating section from a start form to task forms. This is still very restrictive for all business needs that are out there. We are still lacking the following components for repeating sections in NAC that make it difficult as we migrate from Nintex Workflow for Office 365 to NAC. 


  • Make repeating sections open for editing after drag/drop or add default value on repeating sections to pass start event variable through to this configuration. They should act as a default concept and editable if we allow it for task owners to edit if needed. Not all processes include just reviewing data on a task form. Some processes actually involve task owners editing information on the task form and handing it over to another queue for review (multiple tier levels of review and approvals etc).  
  • Make repeating sections compatible and transferrable between task form in NAC and Nintex Forms for Office 365 - both ways. There are several reasons we cannot use start event forms in NAC (primarily due to double the work involved with creating TWO FORMS since it’s not sitting on top of the list item when an item is opened from a list related to a workflow in NAC). Currently repeating sections does NOT have a way to pass repeating section from Nintex Form for Office 365 into a Task Form, other than building a string. We’d need the same concept, pass through to task form and show as a repeating section and allow editing if needed by task owner.

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Displaying the Repeating Section from the Start Form into the Task Forms is a step in the right direction.


As @brandiwoodson stated, the Repeating Section should have the option to be editable.
A user submits a claims form with the detailed claims listed in a Repeating Section.
When the form arrive at Accounts for approval, Accounts need the ability to 
 - make correction to one or more amount 
 - delete a row because there is no supporting receipt attachments


This functionality is unavailable as yet in NAC. 
Is it being planned for? 

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Date/time variable conversion in Regional settings Regional settings allows you to set a Timezone and Locale for your workflow, which will convert and format Date Time variables in text fields within emails, tasks, Generated document actions, etc., without the need for manual conversions.


Ok, so I tested this one as well and working as expected for some things but not all.

The following passed expected behavior when setting regional settings on workflow as US/Pacific while our sharepoint site was set to CST: 

  • Date in sharepoint date field set to regional setting for CST. Converted fine for log history and emails and tasks to US/Pacific. Shown as military time. 
  • Date control on task form converted fine to email and log history after task was actioned. Shown as military time. 

Here were the issues we found with this update: 

  • Task Form labels still show UTC and that formatting structure with the jargon.
  • Settings show AM/PM formatting but it’s outputting in military time. Can this be adjusted or have both options?