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  • 18 December 2020
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Hi Nintex community,


I'm getting an issue where some instances are failing and throwing the following error: 


400 - "BadRequest: Message: Invalid path. Paths must begin with a '/' and end with the name of the resource.. CorrelationId: (f2caaa4a-3313-4c2a-a417-41bb148b3cc4_1_1)"


The CorrelationId is different each time. I dug into the workflow actions related to the failed instances and nothing seems to be wrong with it; these branches of the workflow have worked perfectly up until today. 5 of the last 6 instances submitted have failed with this error; one went through just fine. How can I solve this?


Thanks in advance. 

2 replies

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A bit of clarification: the workflow proceeds as normal until it hits the first action that requires it to send an email.


EDIT: I believe the issue is with the upload/attachment of files from the start form. I don't know how to change the path where files are uploaded, but it looks to me like that's the issue. 

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@jstraus As you are getting an error I would suggest raising this with the support team(, they are best placed to help.