How to switch between branches?

  • 13 May 2022
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I'm building rebuilding a Nintex workflow to into Flow in O365. The new workflow will use Switch Cases with various unique steps in each.

Do I have to follow only one switch case? Or can I get the item to follow the next case after the first case is done?

I imagine this has to be done by switching the value of the Switch Case field to another value, but is there a more overt/easier way that I am not seeing? If the values switches to the condition required for the next case, will it automatically move on its own or do I have to tell it to revisit the Switch action (in which case, how?)

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1 reply

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Hi @BillyAkinbredal ,

just trying to understand your question here.

Are you migrating a Nintex workflow from Office 365 or Sharepoint into Nintex workflow cloud (NWC)?


You mentioned flow. So if you are trying to rebuild a Nintex workflow into Power Automate Flow then this is not the right forum to discuss that. The microsoft Power Users forum is where to discuss that things.


You mention switch and changing branches, For NWC you might want to look at the 'Branch by stage' and 'Change stage' actions. This video gives a great idea on how to use them 


Switch in NWC is 'Branch by values'