Format number to string with no commas or decimals

  • 5 November 2022
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Hello. I want to convert 4 or more digit numbers to strings that don't have any punctuation. 


For example, when I format the number 4444 to a string and choose "Number" as the format. The resulting string is "4,444.0". I want the result to be "4444".


How can I achieve that? Thank you.




Best answer by WouterT 5 November 2022, 13:06

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2 replies

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Here is a two-step solution hopefully:

1. Convert the numeric value into an integer

2. Create a text string with the integer in it.


Here is the little test:

One start variable: a numeric input with the value 4321.56

followed by:

I added the '<' and the '>' just for clarity in the output here.

Gives the result :

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Thank you, @WouterT 

The 2 step process worked. 


It didn't occur to me to use the operation "Create a text string". I was originally using the action "Format number to string" and it added the comma thousands separator as well as the ".0" at the end.


I also tried skipping the "Convert a value" step, which converts the number to an integer. And that produced a string without the thousands separator, but the ".0" was still displayed.


So, the 2 step process is the winner. Thank you!