Form Data source variable for Azure AD only returns the email address

  • 14 September 2021
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Hi @butlerj First piece of feedback on the data source variable in the NWC form.


I created an Azure AD data source to use in a label.

I'm trying to get the Job Title and Department attributes of the current user context.

The Azure AD data source query works as I can add to the label control the count of items returned (being 1) and the first value but it only returns the user email.



In the Insert popup I was expecting where it has 'first record' for an object to break out with the attributes of the user account.


Am I missing anything on making this work?





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5 replies

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@Gavin-Adams currently the Azure AD connector only returns the email property from AAD 😕 We have it on the backlog to update this connector so that all properties are returned (which would also make them available via DSV), however I'm not 100% on the timeline for that feature. Let me reach out internally and see what I can find.

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Really! That's all 😕

I mean seriously why bother releasing that connector for DSV in it's current state.


Form current user context and the people picker control give you first name, last name and email.


I can't even think of a limited edge scenario where this adds value.

(ie query AAD with an email address you already know so that it returns an email you already know)

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I have been struggling with the same issue, and then I saw this post. I agree that the way Data Source Variable is currently implemented in conjunction with the AD Data Source is useless.
Currently Data Source Variables can only be linked to the SharePoint lists, which I am not a big fan of.
What I also heard from my tech support team is that soon there will be a new SQL Server data source, and we should be able to link Data Source Variables to that Data Source. I see this as an improvement over the SharePoint list Data Sources.
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This is something we are currently working on and should be released sometime in December. You will get access to all the same properties currently available in Get user details

Cheers, Rick

Has this feature been released yet?