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  • 28 October 2022
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Just reading through the overnight release notes for NWC / NAC 

And there is a new form access setting. 

And I get what the setting does in that all new start or task forms can only be authenticated, but given we can set a form to be authenticated or anonymous on per form setting, I'm trying to understand the use cases where we would set this at a tenancy level.

Thoughts anyone?


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5 replies

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My assumption would be if an organization decided the standard was to use authenticated users with no exceptions, this would enforce that policy on workflow designers. 

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Correct @bsikes 


@Gavin-Adams  We have seen a rising need to be able to control authenticated forms at the tenant level. By providing this setting, organizations can control if "Anonymous" forms are openly available for users when designing their processes.

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Hey @jesse_mchargue,


No one at our organization claims to have set this setting on the tenant level, but it was definitely checked.  This caused all workflows that we've published since the change to require authentication.   We had to uncheck the new setting, and republish each workflow after changing them back to not require authentication. 


Do you know if this new setting is on by default? 


Thank you

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@bsikes thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We will investigate and will update the post.

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Hi @bsikes ,


Thanks for reporting this issue. We had intended to release this feature set to off by default.


Unfortunately there was an issue for a subset of tenants:

Any tenants with Custom CSS enabled between Oct 7 (Custom CSS launch) to Oct 27 (Forms access launch) had Forms access settings enabled by default.

You've already found the best remediation steps. If you encounter any further issues around Forms access settings, do let me know.


I apologise for the inconvenience. Please reach out if you have any questions.