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Happy monday friends,

I am creating a workflow that generates up to 11 separate templates based on a nintex form. There will be scenarios in which not all 11 are needed, so i have applied a condition under "Include based on condition" on the doc gen action. Very simply, if a certain field is not empty, the template should generate. 


This is not working. Here is a screenshot of an example. I've tried using different fields, i've toggled between 'any' and 'all' (it always defaults back to 'all' if there is only one condition), i've also tested with 'include if the field is empty' in case it happened to be opposite day.  Seems no matter what, all 11 templates always generate. 

As always, i very very appreciative of any advice.





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@nintexnooob I have confirmed conditions based on a variable being empty should work, I would recommend logging the variable value to the instance details to confirm it is empty and also trying another hardcoded condition to set value to confirm there isn't another issue.


@leighburke thank you for the advice. i will take a stab at it and let you know.


hi @leighburke  

The log instance is reflecting empty fields. I even tried a couple of other ways to set the condition. Each time, it generates an empty doc. Here are some screenshots. Suppose i'll open a support case.

sample condition that is applied to all docs after a1:

workflow log:


Docs that get generated blank ones reflect 'null' - tried that as a condition too:




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@nintexnooob  Yes I would recommend logging a case at this point, nothing in the screenshot indicates the issue.

quick update. decided to nest all the actions inside a 'run if true' action.

Remove the conditions inside the templates and applied the same condition inside the 'run if true'. Works like a charm and also processes faster than the way i had it before.  Still want to know why the include template condition doesn't work. if i get an answer, i'll update this post.